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Name The Fightin' Side of Me
Stardate 83021.7
Series Series 5
Previous Episode S04E09
Next Episode S05E02


  • The Enterprise returns to Vulcan, towed by the U.S.S. Bright Star, for repair work after the Borg attack.
  • The new Through-Deck Cruiser, the U.S.S. Ark Royal, greet the Enterprise while on her shakedown.
  • New chief engineer Arvind Gustafsson is super-excited to meet Mr Einstein and find out more about how his holo-protocols have adapted.
    • Most holo-avatars are reset every six months or so, but Einstein has ran uninterrupted for two years - and seems to have developed more personality because of it.
  • Captain Satlek slowly works through the death notification letters for all 75 crew members lost in the Borg incident.
  • Diplomatic Corp attaché Robert Carson comes on board, clearly with no Starfleet expertise
    • He is however an expert in his field and gives a briefing on the worsening political situation of the Romulans
  • The Enterprise remains in dock, with repair work expected to last three weeks.