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Name Go to the Mirror!
Stardate 818XX.X
Series Series 2
Spotlight Character James Gray
Previous Episode S02E05
Next Episode S02E07


  • The U.S.S. Enterprise Meets With The U.S.S. Damocles For Computer Maintenance
  • James Meets His Ex-Wife Dorothy, Who Reveals She May Know A Cure
  • Brô'c'ĥn Remembers The Old James: Driven But Sometimes Cold
  • K'Ratak Tries To Assemble A Parrises Squares Team But Is Missing A Person
  • Dorothy Is Unsure About James Regaining His Memories Since it Will Make Him The Man Who Left Her
  • Kestra Won't Agree To Play Parises Squares.... Because She Can't
  • "I've Realised That Before I Lost My Memory That... To Be Honest... I Was A Jackass"
  • Regardless Of Losing Rank, James Decides Not To undergo The Procedure
  • Kestra Discovers Her Parises Squares Ban Is Served, Bumping Sakonna Back To Substitute
  • James And Dorothy Share A Fonder Farewell This Time
  • Mr Einstein Gets A Clean Bill Of Health, But James & Kilsyth Wonder If Closer Examination Of Sub-Systems Is Required
  • A Reason Why James May Have Lost All His Memories Is Suggested - If His Memory Had Been Tampered First. But That's Only Used On Criminals And Spies...