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Name In The Year 2525
Stardate 81725.9
Series Series 2
Previous Episode S02E03
Next Episode S02E05


  • A Medical Emergency At Delta Onias III Isn't So bad
  • Kestra, K'Ratak and Ensign Jones Vanish On Beam Up...
  • ...And Appear In Front Of A Vulcan Historian In The Year 7510
  • Commander Betal Isn't Interested In Working With Doctor Brô'c'ĥn
  • Captain Satlek Seems Distressed By The Loss Of Some Of His Crew
  • James Gray And Mr Einstein Confirm The Presence of Chroniton Particles: Time Travel Is At Work
  • The Time-Lost Crew Come Round To Working With These Future Anthropologists
  • The Enterprise Must Fly Towards The Sun And Soak Up Solar Power To Charge Up A Temporal Beam
  • Einstein Is Sent Through The Beam... And Finds Himself On A Romulan Holo-Grid
  • Kestra Reveals Federation Codes While K'Ratak Has The Romulan Subterfuge Unmasked to her
  • Commander Betal Leads An Away Team To Rescue His Colleagues
  • The Romulans Are Locked Up, But K'Ratak Still Isn't Forgiving Brô'c'ĥn
  • Mr Einstein Comments On Gray's Personality Shift Under Pressure Earlier - Behaving Like "His Old Self"?
  • Gray Wonders When Mr Einstein Learned To Play The Violin